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ImageLook, I won’t lie: I came to DC’s new Superman comic, Superman Unchained (a title that really should be Superman Unchained! but then I am in charge of nothing) with a bit of dread.

On the one hand, Scott Snyder’s been doing astounding stuff on Batman, managing to craft these big, epic stories that still feel very personal, with plot points that matter beyond any initial shocks (seriously, go read volumes one and two, “Court of Owls” and “City of Owls“, for some of the best Batman comics produced in the last 20 years). Add to that his fantastic creator-owned series American Vampire, an honest-to-god fresh take on a tired-ass genre, and I can comfortably say the guy’s earned a fair bit of trust.

Then there’s Jim Lee on the art. And when Lee is on, he concocts some really exciting visuals and Platonic ideal levels of Superhero Art. He is also one of the only people who can draw Superman’s new costume as though all those extra lines make any kind of sense (they don’t, and the boots are stupid and the sleeve cuffs are too long and there’s not enough yellow and jesus what is with that hair? but the point is, Lee’s the guy who designed the stupid thing so he’d better be able to draw it well).

On the other hand…. (more…)

I, BRAAK!, have also read the new Justice League #1 and, as you might expect, I have some thoughts on it.

Though, in fact, this is misleading — while I have some thoughts on the format, and some thoughts on the nature of digital comics and digital delivery, the most damning criticism of this as a comic book is that actually I DON’T have very many thoughts on it.

Ugh, argh, let’s get to it.


So what did I think of Handsome Geoff Johns’ and Jazzy Jim Lee’s opening outing with the Justice League?

I’d love to tell you…in another five months, once the story’s actually over.

That should probably give you some indication right out of the gate, but let’s talk about WHY. WHY I lacked the impulse control to wait for the trade – or at LEAST, until I could get to Comics & More to buy a print edition?

There were a few reasons:

1. I fully intended to buy this as part of a month-long series of reviews of the DC relaunch expect to buy tomorrow). Not every book, mind you, but there’s about 15 of which I’d definitely try out the first issue at least, and hey, despite my misgivings, the whole event’s certainly been enough to get me curious

2. I’m EXACTLY the lapsed reader they’re hoping to bring back in with this. It’s been years since I’ve picked up a DC book, for reasons I’ve outlined, but if at the end of this month there’s even a few books that make me think, “Yeah, I’d pick up the collected edition of that in a few months,” then this initiative has to count as a partial success, at least, and

3. Having never downloaded one before, I wanted to know what a digital comic really looked like. While I plan on buying the collections of what I like, a big part of this whole experiment is figuring out if digital comics really are the way of the future – and if not, what needs to happen for them to become that.

So let’s start with Justice League #1, break it down to its good parts, its iffy bits, its outright questionable bits, and see what we can find.  (more…)

I wanted to wait a little while to comment on the Big News From DC Comics, because information has been coming out at a trickle and it seems silly to make an informed judgment until all the cards have been laid down.

But DC’s plans could have a huge impact on the state of the comics industry, and the moves we DO know are enough to consider on their own, even as we wait for the September solicitations to fill in some more of the blanks (and hopefully ease the hardcore DC fans’ collective freakout).

So, here’s what we do know:


Meaning: DC will now be releasing every one of its new releases both to retail comic stores AND on its digital download platform for download onto your tablet or nook or whatever it is you have (unless it’s a Kindle HAHAHAHAH awww).

Who This Matters To: The readers who have made a habit of going to the store every Wednesday to pick up new books – and especially those who make a special trip 25+ miles away just to pick up a 22-page monthly magazine, for whom that tablet option just got a lot more attractive.  (more…)