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This goes against every instinct I have. Every shred of my being for the last 14 years, every bit of movie and comic book based understanding that has told me that this movie was utterly terrible and directly contributed to the early demise of the superhero movie AND POSSIBLY SOCIETY.

But having rewatched it for a critical reappraisal, I must admit that Comics Alliance was right: Batman & Robin is actually not a bad movie.

I don’t even mean, “Not quite as bad as people say it is.” I mean, by the standards we judge movies by, it’s…actually pretty enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a capital-G Good movie – it’s surely not something you’d recommend to some delightful hermit who just ventured out of a cave and said, “I’ve heard tell of this ‘Bat-Fellow’ you people seem to enjoy, what can you tell me of him?” – but it doesn’t deserve the reputation it’s gotten (mostly by people like me, granted).

Viewing it as a “not all that bad of a movie” does require us to accept that there are, in fact, different ways of watching movies, and of accepting variations on a theme. And with Batman, a character that has been built a dozen different ways in his lifetime, that’s an important caveat.

But let’s dispense with what is still undisputedly bad about it, before singing its modest praises.

Mr. Freeze is still ridiculous. (more…)