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My AWARD-WINNING* series returns!  As you all know, I like to talk about swords, and that is what I am going to do right now.  If you DIDN’T know, then you might like to start over at the beginning of this series of articles.  Otherwise, let’s just get right to it.  I am going to start off with talking about the last fight from the new Conan the Barbarian movie and use it as a jumping-off point to address one of my swordfighting bêtes-noir:

Well, word is that John Carter (of Mars) isn’t going to do so well – certainly not enough to make back its budget, or merit any sequels. This is kind of a shame, because I think it was pretty much a lot of fun, but at least now I can talk about what I think was a kind of a glaring problem with the story that I’d have felt guilty talking about before.

My recent purchase of a Nook Tablet (and waiting for the xda developer people to hack the stupid thing so ImageI can access the entire Android Market) has gotten me more excited than ever at the prospect of digital comics.

And my enthusiasm got jacked up a little more with the Marvel’s announcement at South By Southwest (oh yeah, apparently Marvel Comics makes announcements at SXSW now) that they were kicking off a new digital comics initiative, starting with a weekly series by TQP favorites Mark Waid and Stuart (Nextwave) Immonen.

Waid’s been particularly vocal about revamping the idea of “webcomics,” in particular breaking away from the rigid page-and-panels format of a print comic that’s ultimately not necessary (and in many cases, detrimental) to reading comics on a tablet.

But if we’re really being honest here, I’m actually a little more excited for another recent announcement: Smallville Season 11.

Yes, you heard me. (more…)

Released in the United States as John Carter, even though he is definitely of Mars. This is a pretty good movie, about a Civil War veteran who, via some kind of magical scientific process, is transported to Mars, where he gains the power of LEAPING, and uses it to fight some giant green Martians, and also Sab Than, the ruler of a city that wanders across the Martian desert preying on smaller, weaker cities.