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I am what you would call a summer movie buff.

I like the big, goofy, enthusiastic spectacle – often at the detriment of story logic or coherent editing, I’ll admit – that summer movies do well. And hey, sometimes you get a real gem in the mix. Think back to…what, 2003? Did you honestly think you’d enjoy “Disney Johnny Depp Pirate Monster Movie” as much as you actually did?

So when I see things like Jonah Hex’s dynamite gun, or Nicolas Cage: Sorcerer Supreme…I get a little bit giddy, in all the stupidest ways.

But then again, I got a little jazzed when I saw Ray Park as Snake Eyes, and we all remember how that turned out.

And with movies costing like $11 a pop now, we must choose wisely. Here’s the short list of what I’ll likely see:  (more…)

Sure there are real things happening in the world, things that actually kinda matter. Economic meltdowns, assorted crises, whatever fat white Republicans Susan Boyleare calling “racist” without a trace of irony. But nevermind that now.

Because we’ve got the only news that really matters: Entertainment Weekly.

Chris and I try our best to keep posts somewhat outside of time, so you can read archives and not ask things like, “What the hell is a Sanjaya?” But sometimes, you just have to deal with it.