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I have been watching this Marco Polo show on Netflix, since there’s a lot of it and it’s new, at least, and I’ve watched everything else interesting on Netflix already. I’ve got some thoughts on it, but if you don’t want to read the long version, the short version is: this show is a pile of fucking garbage. Just lazy, clumsy, stupid, disrespectful. Junk all around. (I know that in the New Year I resolved to be kinder, but in a way I think calling this thing what it is IS a kindness. I’m being kind to you, dear readers, by not hiding this contemptible bullshit behind a euphemism, so that you aren’t misled by niceties.)

Anyway, here are some thoughts, in no particular order.


Hand of Danger page 2 previewHand of Danger is going up first today, while I finish up something else.  Tune in later for more exciting short fiction, the likes of which you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE!  You will be amazed, and also possibly astounded.  Probably.  Definitely.  Definitely astounded.

In case you’re new to Hand of Danger, you can start reading here at page one.