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Dear Television Gods:

I would like to respectfully submit my request for the Best Thing On Television Ever. You could make it my combo Birthday/Christmas gift, maybe? That means you’ve got plenty of time to make this happen, and it’s my understanding that if I believe in you (and also perform some heinous arcane acts*), you guys can do it!

What I want is this: a TV’s Smartest Man in the Room Competition. It would feature the (often self-proclaimed) most-genius-ever headliners of currently-airing primetime dramas, in a room with each other, trying to show how much smarter they are than their competitors. A non-reality reality contest show, if you will.

I do not know how they would prove this, but I’ve got some ideas. But first, the competitors:

It would star Dr. Gregory House (from House), Dr. Calvin Lightman (from Lie to Me), Patrick Jane (from The Mentalist), Nathan Ford (from Leverage), Ben Linus (from Lost) and Michael Weston (from Burn Notice).

There would also be two wildcards:


TelevisionI know, I know. All this talk over the last couple weeks, about musical theatre and teh interwub, and we’ve been missing all the important things. I hear the cries of concern. They say, “We are fearful, Jeff Holland…what can you tell us of television in the summer?”

I am here to help. Allow me to venture down to the I Speak TV Global Stronghold (location: unknown, but let’s say somewhere just to the left of space-time). Yanking the tarps off our powerful machinery, dusting the cobwebs off our hyper-global interface monitors, telling our secretary, Irene, to hold all our calls, and finally, shaking the all-powerful eight-ball of mystery to ask: “Anything good on TV lately?”

The outlook is good.