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(Yes, we’re making this a “Lost”-themed week, because if not now, when?)

For me, the most fascinating part of the final season of Lost is the fact that one of its two central figures was essentially absent for the entirety of it. John Locke was gone.

Sure, Terry O’Quinn got plenty to do this year, and that’s always a good thing, particularly since he managed to bring a lot of previous character traits to an essentially new character (which, given his comments in the retrospective episode and on Jimmy Kimmel – DAMN YOU FOR KEEPING ME AWAKE UNTIL 2AM! – he was unaware of until the finale of season 5) and made it work.

But the actual character of John Locke was gone. And I’m not sure enough fanfare went into that, possibly because a lot of fans were assuming the show would rectify the somewhat undignified ending he was given.That it would stop screwing with them and bring Locke back, because his story hadn’t ended to their satisfaction.

Looking back, though, Locke’s death should have been a big clue to viewers that their expectations were pretty much screwed.

Because so were Locke’s.

Let’s work through the timeline and figure out what happened:


It can be done! In fact, it’s easy. Allow me to demonstrate. I just need you to treat me like the Desmond of Threat Quality, and trust that I know things I shouldn’t know, and may not entirely understand myself. Agreed? Agreed.

Now then: Let’s get to work on those sideways flashes.

The finale asked us to accept them as a kind of pre-afterlife construct*, meant to bring the characters along to a point where they’d be content, having finally fought past the hang-ups that held them back in their lives. As a result, the castaways are finally ready to take the next step – together, as one hard-forged community – into the great unknown.

Which is, yeah, a bit silly.   (more…)

The mood in the office, the day after the Lost finale: grim, mixed with betrayal and hints of befuddlement.

On the up side: other peoples’ misery makes me reassess what I really think of things. I now have a slightly better feeling about the finale. Some thoughts, in no order of importance:

That was a long way to go for a “They were all dead” joke
Now, I can’t say this with any certainty until I see a DVD feature, but I’ll bet you $20 that the resolution to the flash-sideways universe started when someone in the writer’s room joked, “And then it turns out they were dead the whole time!” and someone else said, “Man, we should just DO that, just to mess with people,” and then somehow the idea snowballed from there until it was too late.

I would not mind an Island sitcom starring Rose and Bernard, and their annoying next-door neighbors, Hurley and Ben. I do not believe I am alone in this.  (more…)