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It only recently occurred to me that virtually every post I’ve made of late has been focused on comics and/or superheroes. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is, shit man, that’s just what I like. I’m pretty knowledgeable on the subject and those tend to be evergreen posts. That Iron Man primer I wrote a couple years Lost-season1back? Always one of our top searches of the week. And for some reason people are always looking up Ghost Rider. Don’t ask me.

That said, once I realized just how singularly focused my posts had become, I started trying to remember what the hell else I like to write about. The answers, obviously – because I am a man of simple joys – are movies and TV (I am abysmal when it comes to talking about music, unfortunately, usually just variations on “This makes my ears feel happy!!!”).

TV, especially. You may not know this, but before we started up Threat Quality, I was pretty prolific at my old site, I Speak TV. Go check it out, it’s kind of fun to remember that once upon a time, people gave a shit about Heroes.

Anyway, a combination of frustration over the truly shitty Blogger controls, a new job where I was actually writing for a living, and coming up with topics for this site ultimately mothballed ISTV back in ’09, and as sites like Hitfix and AV Club started devoting more time to daily TV discussion, I didn’t think there was a lot more I could add anyway.

So I no longer Speak TV with regularity, except when pilots roll around, or Aaron Sorkin does something dumb, or superheroes make their unfortunate way to television. Still miss you, The Cape, you silly old thing.

Or when Lost did anything.  (more…)

Reviews on the new J.J. Abrams/whoever-else-ends-up-being-in-charge-of-the-story series Alcatraz have been mixed-to-positive. Most have commented on its procedural structure, as though that’s a bad thing in and of itself, but by and large the reviews feel like an unjustified pre-judgment on the show now that Lost is done with.

These reviews seem to forget 1) that Abrams’ name was also attached to the completely (and hey, justly) forgotten Undercovers, 2) seriously, the guy’s a producer, he’s not Aaron Sorkin writing these things by his lonesome (meaning, we don’t really have room to judge Alcatraz the same way we could all laugh at Studio 60), and 3) Every criticism lobbed at Alcatraz seems to echo all the criticisms thrown at Fringe when that one first showed up.  (more…)

Last Lost post from me, I promise.  It’s either this, or I write about BP and the Gulf of Mexico — but only one of these two topics will make me suicidally depressed.  I’ve got to pick my battles here.

So, the Lost finale didn’t end up the way that I wanted to, but this is actually potentially good.  It’s one of the reasons, in fact, I spend so much time imagining how a show could be, even though that show will never happen:

Every idea I thought of that Lost didn’t use is an idea I get to keep (HAH!  SUCKERS!).



Okay, we all saw it, let’s take a minute to discuss what happened.

They all did NOT die in the plane crash.  I think the answer to what happened is actually dumber than that.


Well. I suppose I have to concede my Lost theory about the Smoke Monster being somehow a separate entity from the Man in Black, based on these answers from producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof in an interview with Alan Sepinwall.

Which, unfortunately, has me downgrading my enjoyment and interest in the last episode, “Across the Sea.” Also not helping: these guys are going to be giving interviews for years where they have to defend their creative decision-making for the final season.

And…ehhh they’re not off to such a good start. You can read the full interview here, but I’ll pull some choice quotes, along with a bit of the ol’ Holland commentary magic.

Some mild spoilers on – but only if you’re expecting to see the other side of that outrigger shootout from last season (in which case…sorry.):

Lindelof on providing answers to long-running questions:

So my DVR, either in a fit of pique at how quickly I’ve filled it up with old TCM films, or possibly because it really, REALLY wanted to make sure I’d caught the Benihana Christmas episode of “The Office” on TBS, decided not to record Tuesday’s episode of “Lost.”

“What? WHAT?!” I screamed at no one in particular. “I watched the whole of that stupid Legion* movie thinking ‘Well, when this is over with, at least I can get some back-story into the origins of Jacob and [NAME WITHHELD]. DAMN YOU, CRUEL DVR!”

Now, having caught up with it onDemand, I’ve reached the conclusion that the DVR was given instructions from The Island ITSELF, and wanted me to go into the episode a day later, with some more measured expectations. (more…)

Last week, Lindelof and Cuse made a lot of comments about how “Happily Ever After” would “change the conversation” fans were having of the show, and effectively introduce the final act of the series.

Turns out? Yeah, it did. This may be a crazy theory – hang in there! – but…crap, the writers may, still, actually know what they’re doing.

After a few too many weeks of not getting any answers about the NEW big mystery – what do these two magical wizards have to do with the plot we’ve been following over the last few years? – and finding our faith wavering a little bit (I’ll admit to using the phrase “magical wizards” as a pejorative), tonight was a welcome step back into The Story as we understood it.

All it took was that Scottish guy we’ve all gotten so attached to, even though, pound for pound, he has gotten a hell of a lot less screen time than any of the others (no, not The Others, you know what I…argh, fricking show).  (more…)