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I’ve seen about eighty different versions of Beowulf at this point, and I’ve got to admit to being puzzled.  I can see that these guys are trying to make good movies, but it’s like they all want to secretly make different movies that aren’t Beowulf, and are kind of just making Beowulf because they’re stuck with it.  Or else, for some reason, we’re beating around the bush of Beowulf, as though maybe audiences aren’t quite ready for Beowulf, or as though we might not appreciate Beowulf.



I am reprinting this from–two years ago, I think?  It was on my Myspace blog, if you can believe that.

Anyway, I don’t work in the bookstore anymore, but these rules are still very important guidelines for preventing your dumb ass from getting stabbed with sharpened novelty reindeer horns this holiday season.  Please, have mercy on your retail clerks.  This time of year is murder on them.

Many people are trying to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done.  Many of you are trying to get it done in my bookstore.  To help facilitate that, and to ensure a quick and largely-pleasant bookstore experience now and during the return-happy season after Christmas, I’ve included a couple thoughts on a couple of common events that occur during Christmas-shopping time.