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Unemployed? Disenfranchised? Easily cowed? Time to join the winning team!

Sure, it may LOOK like I, Victor Von Doom, Grand Potentate and Undisputed (UNDISPUTED, YOU HEAR ME KRISTOFF?!) Ruler of the paradise nation of Latveria, have it all under my firm but benevolent control … but DOOM is only one man (and an army of Loyal DOOMbots, of course).

That is where you come in, jobseeker! DOOM is always on the lookout for skilled labor lackeys and unskilled labor peons alike, ready to do his bidding, die for his causes, and do some light typing and other administrative work.

Not sure you have the right experience? Don’t worry, we train on the job. All that’s required is a passion for serving DOOM, and of course, a burning hatred of Richards.  (more…)