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In brief:  fine.  It’s fine.  Hayley Atwell is great, she hits a guy with a stapler.  Just cold wrecks him with it, that was worth tuning in for, considering this whole misadventure is, at the very least, free.

I do have some further thoughts, I shall present them in the form of…



My goodness, I am ready to be done with all this.  Here’s the thing:  James Gunn, tapped to direct Marvel/Disney’s (Marsney’s) upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie did this poll about the superheroes that folks would most like to engage in the intercourse with, and then he followed up all these votes with some pretty awful misogynistic and homophobic junk.

This was a year or so ago, I think, and someone just noticed it recently, so people started talking about it, and James Gunn immediately took it down but look! It’s here on Google cache.  The internet — like an elephant, or a quiet iorich — never forgets.


So, Marvel announced it was making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie a little while ago, but they just had a panel at SDCC and showed everyone some art from it.  I think Guardians of the Galaxy is a weird choice, especially because the plan is for it to lead into The Avengers 2, The Legend of Loki’s Gold.  Which, on the one hand, yeah, I guess you had to get [let’s just say it] Thanos involved somehow, but on the other hand, what?  I don’t know, maybe Thor 2 will explain some of this, because seriously, what?  Also, who fucking knows.

In the meantime, can we talk about Wonder Woman?


Thome Thoughts on Thor

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Braak, comic books
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I saw Thor over the weekend, and there are some pretty good parts in that movie, which I will discuss. There are also some parts that I think could have been better, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie that didn’t have some parts that I thought could have been better. Art is an aggregation of imperfect efforts to achieve an unattainable ideal! So, to business.

[Oh, uh, spoilers and such to follow]