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Anyway, for this brief moment, I thought: What if right now, just before these bros could get into their giant robot, the monster struck, and it ate every single one of them? And it turned out the whole film was actually about an entirely different set of characters?


Posted: November 5, 2012 in Braak
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It was ever my intention to do everything in November EXCEPT work on a novel, thus expressing my disdain for and objection to National Novel Writing Month and the many, many, MANY writers collectively demonstrating that writing novels isn’t especially difficult. Of the variety of categories of people that I hate (including: people who stand in middle of the aisle at the grocery store, people who like Glee, Neil Labutte, people who like plays by Neil Labutte, and pretty much anyone who’s ever left a comment on Comics Alliance) “people who do the same things that I do” has got to be at least number 3 on the list.

However, I have been provoked — PROVOKED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE MEASURE — by Moff’s vile aspersions against me.


(I have published this piece from Moff, of Moff’s Law Fame; I have done this because I AM NOT AFRAID OF HIM.)

I remembered, at about 1:07 p.m. on Thursday the 1st that November is National Novel Writing Month, and that in recent weeks I had entertained the notion of officially participating this year for the very first time. And so it came to pass that at about 1:08 p.m. on Thursday the 1st, I decided to do so.

[Threat Quality Press’s first submission under our new open submissions policy, ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for the inordinately handsome and inestimably clever MOFF! –ed]

Andrew Sullivan is arguably the king of the blogosphere at present (which puts him somewhere below Braak, who is like exiled king of the moon or some shit, but above Rod Kush, who was like Nebraska’s furniture king when I was in college there).  Anyway, I confess to visiting his blog, the Daily Dish, numerous times daily, sometimes almost compulsively, even when he annoys the fuck out of me. And sometimes I email him! Sullivan posts a lot of reader email (this makes up for his not having comments, and is probably better than comments, because I suspect many of his readers are even more obnoxious than I am, and it’s nice that he neatly sidesteps the issue of all of us screaming at each other), and has even posted a couple of mine. But as I’m pretty sure he’s not going to post this one, not because it isn’t A FANTASTIC PIECE OF WRITING (it is), but because it’s been like a week since I sent it and no dice.

Anyway, as it’s A FANTASTIC PIECE OF WRITING (although not philosophically rigorous, so argue with it, of course, but take it with a grain of salt; or better yet, just agree with it and send me pictures of boobs), I have deigned to share it with you, Threat Quality readers. Send me pictures of boobs. —Moff