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TQP LOGO readyTwo today, because Holland tricked me by posting yesterday.  I have a hard time knowing what day it is, and it’s not helpful when Holland CHANGES THE SCHEDULE WITHOUT WARNING.  Sweet zombie Jesus, is it Wednesday?  Tuesday?  I don’t god-damn know.

Anyway, here’s a thing I wrote about The Producers, over at my new theater-project blog.  It counts as a TQP post, too, I have decided.

I saw a local theater’s production of Mel Brooks’ musical The Producersa few weeks ago.  Entirely by coincidence, I happened to be there during the talk-back session.  Now, I’ve participated in talk-back sessions before, so I should have known better than to ask serious questions; most of the time, a talk-back is just another opportunity for the actors to blush beneath the gushing weight of the audience’s praise.  It’s not unreasonable; when are you going to see most of these people again?  If you want them to say something nice about you, you need to seize the opportunity.