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I am performing Dramaturgery on NBC’s pilot Revolution.  In order to make this show interesting to me, I’ve made some kind of small but important changes to the backstory (detailed in this post here).  That post is pretty extensive (and, to be fair, maybe misleading in terms of a criticism of Revolution — my backstory looks like it’s got a lot of stuff in it, but it could very well be that the current writers have just as much stuff in their story bible, obviously we just haven’t seen it yet), but you can probably skip if for now unless you’re really interested.

Holland doesn’t like me to do this stuff because he thinks it’s pointless, but I don’t think it’s pointless — I think if I get really good at this sort of thing, maybe one day someone will hire me to do Dramaturgery BEFORE they film the pilot, and then we’ll avoid this whole mess.  Now.  To work!


There are two ways to go with a story like Revolution, and I think Moff is right in one sense, in that just how a society breaks down in the sudden absence of electricity could be pretty interesting, and I think the other sense is how a society builds itself up after the apocalypse, and in the absence of electricity. There are a lot of pretty neat questions to be asked: what is the individual’s responsibility to the state? How much security is worth sacrificing for the sake of stability? Should civilization be about building bigger states, or should we be content with small agrarian communities? What exactly IS civilization – the material well-being of its people, art, culture, roads, what is it? What is the value of science – is it inevitably good? Should it be controlled? By whom? What about kings? Democracy? What about religion – how can it benefit a society’s build? How can it be a hindrance? How exactly do all these things come together, and what is the purpose of them?


Revolution, According to Braak

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Braak
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Holland is making me write about Revolution, because he felt that my many questions about it was worryjimmering, or something, I dunno.  The pilot is on Hulu now, and I have watched it, and I have assembled some thoughts on it.  I’ve placed them in a rough order as follows.


The pilot for Revolution is available onDemand and on Hulu, so go ahead and watch it when you get the chance since there will be SPOILERS for it in this review. Unless you’re not uptight about that kind of thing (or had no plans to watch the show and just wanted to hear whether it was at all worthwhile), in which case read on.

There are problems with this show.

Not the BS science stuff, Braak took care of that business. I don’t really care about the fake science involved in all electricity going away and how exactly that makes planes fall straight down from the sky – and neither does the show, apparently, based on the one character’s dismissed complaint that “Physics went crazy” that day – it’s just a means of getting to the low-tech, agrarian, post-government-collapse future setting it wants to play in, so okay, fine.

My problem with the show is it’s paced at a trudge. (more…)

People always say that I think too hard about things, and I always take offense to that.  In the first place, because I am not thinking hard about things, I am just regular-noticing regularly-noticeable things.  In the second place, thinking about the world is the natural state of being, we do that automatically.  It’s not WORK to think about something, it’s work to NOT think about it, so I don’t see why I should suffer the accusations of responsibility.  I’m not even doing anything.  But also, sometimes things don’t make sense.  Like, imagine if you were watching a movie about the Frost/Nixon interviews, and at one point Richard Nixon ducked into a cafe because the sky had started raining Oobleck.

That would bother you guys, right?  That is regular old noticing.

So.  Revolution, coming September to NBC:  I have some questions about your trailer.


Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. The vagaries of the television industry are many, and it seems I spoke too soon: it turns out, ALL of the Threat Quality TV upfronts have been canceled before they will go to air. I am sorry Alan Tudyk and Fran Kranz, I am sure you guys will find work somewhere else (? Maybe?). The replacements for the upcoming fall season on CBS will actually be as follows:

It’s my pleasure to announce that Threat Quality TV has been contracted to produce five new television shows, which will premiere this coming fall on…oh, let’s say CBS.  Are you excited for the new CBS schedule?  You will be!


Here’s where the news of the NBC-greenlit “Wonder Woman” pilot gets interesting – and by interesting I mean fairly depressing. It’s the description of the show:

Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.

Which is to say, Wonder Woman will look a lot less like most recognizable renditions of the character, and a lot more like a David E. Kelley character. Fingers crossed that at least tonally, it’s more “The Practice” than “Allie McBeal,” but…I’ve seen late-period Kelley. He is synonymous with “oppressive quirk.” Don’t believe me? Watch a single commercial for “Harry’s Law” and tell me that’s something you think you could sit through for a whole hour. (See, they’re lawyers, but in a SHOE STORE! It’s so CA-RAAAAZAAAY)

(Editor’s note: I wrote this last week, before Bleeding Cool ran this review of a draft of the pilot. Which – if, in fact, accurate – well, then…fuck.)

(Editor’s note 2: Aaaaand now we’re getting a few more details. There is an icecream-sleepover and crying over Steve Trevor. Double-fuck.)  (more…)

By way of explaining what may be the only reasonable way to watch “The Cape,” let me share with you a formative Holland-moment from my youth: the day I took a cleat to the crotch and learned to love “The Flash.”

It was little league soccer, the autumn of 1990, when I, a feisty young fullback, attempted to defend my goal by charging full-steam at the left winger in control of the ball. It was me or him.

Which naturally meant it was me. He took a big swing at the ball, sending it slamming into my hip and bouncing out of bounds. But on the upswing, his cleat – heel first – collided with my 10-year-old Most Important Bits. It was…unpleasant.

I lay there on the field, howling (as manfully as a 10-year-old can, I imagine) in pain, when my dad/coach came over to check on me. “How you doing?” he asked, apparently not having heard my manful cries. “You wanna…uh…sit out for a few minutes?”  (more…)