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Everything that has happened with the New 52 has made me think that this whole thing was only halfway thought out (maybe three quarters, AT BEST).  Here’s DC’s online market research survey, provided by the Nielsen Market Research Concern.  Go ahead and take it if you want, then we can talk about it a little.  I can’t just write what the questions are, because it turns out that they’re all copyrighted by Nielsen, so they’ll sue me (!) if I publish any of it, I guess.


Supergirl (written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson, and drawn by Mahmud Asrar)

I wasn’t going to review this, for reasons of personal bias that I’m not going to go into right now, but I’ve calmed down a little and am willing to take a crack at it.  This was I guess an “okay” book, in the sense that I wasn’t actively infuriated by it, but I do fully expect to have forgotten about it by next week, so I think that’s still a far cry from “good.”


Some time ago, I read a comment on the internet from some anonymous commenter about Power Girl: the notoriously well-endowed DC comics character. That comment went something along these lines: “I wouldn’t ever say anything about her boobs! She could knock my head off!”

This is obviously stupid, but in a rare moment of restraint I chose NOT to get involved in an argument on the internet. Perhaps my better nature prevailed, perhaps it was really my worse nature, who can tell? But recently, there’s been a combination of new arguments for (and against) more female creators at the major comics companies, and accompanying discussions about just what it means to make exploitative art, and on top of that there’s been some discussion in the news (depending on where you get your news, I guess) about “Mary Sues”, and just what the line between a strong character and a character who is TOO strong is.

Those particular articles were from a while ago and got me started thinking about this, but what really made me dust it off was Laura Hudsons “The Big Sexy Problem With Superheroines and Their ‘Liberated’ Sexuality.”

In a way, this is tangential, but in another I think very important way it’s not, but that won’t be obvious until you get to the end. So, read the whole thing, I guess?

I didn’t find this one as offensively stupid as Suicide Squad, so don’t expect a huge and furious rant about it, but I did have some (mostly one) major problem with Deathstroke #1 (by Kyle Higgins, art by Joe Bennett & Art Thibert).  It’s a problem rooted in the spoiler, and I’ll get to it in a minute once I’ve brought you up to speed.


I’ve been hoping there’d be three new DC books each week to entice me, but then I saw the preview for Grifter.

I think I’m getting the same feeling readers in the 50’s might have gotten when they picked up the new Hawkman and realized it wasn’t a reincarnated prince/archeologist, but an alien space-cop.

In other words, DC clearly liked the NAME “Grifter,” and the basic look (mask and guns), but decided to shuck everything about the character (mercenary with black-ops history and mental powers, in a secret war with alien conquerors) in favor of making Sawyer from Lost into a DC Comic. Which isn’t really something I was interested in reading.

The upside: Sticking to three purchases meant I had an excuse to buy last week’s best-reviewed comic, Animal Man.

Holy crap is Animal Man good.

It is, in fact, what I was hoping for with the reboot in general – a fresh spotlight on a character that hasn’t reached its potential, that uses what was great about the old stuff but is very new-reader-friendly.  (more…)

I, BRAAK!, have also read the new Justice League #1 and, as you might expect, I have some thoughts on it.

Though, in fact, this is misleading — while I have some thoughts on the format, and some thoughts on the nature of digital comics and digital delivery, the most damning criticism of this as a comic book is that actually I DON’T have very many thoughts on it.

Ugh, argh, let’s get to it.


While it’s been tough trying to figure out what will work and what won’t about the DC restart, one thing that’s made it easier has been the cover previews, most of which have prominently displayed the series artists rendering Jim Lee’s not-always-friendly costume revamps.

Finally, something we can unequivocally judge! And occasionally laugh at!

But in all fairness, some of these have actually been pretty good. Take for instance:

Wonder Woman  (more…)