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Dreaded deadline doom. No time. Must feed the beast that pays, etc.

However, I will leave you with this to ponder: As we move into a more digital age, the old media has to adapt. Concept albums are ditched in favor of iTunes singles, essays must be tailored to blog-post length, and digital short films are becoming more prevalent.

Would it be so bad, to simply reduce all movies to two-minute trailers that exist on their own, with no further explanation needed? Of course, when I think of this, I think of Nicolas Cage.

The famously histrionic overactor actually had one of his major flops vindicated when someone cut down the abominable The Wicker Man to a bafflingly entertaining two minutes. It was enough that when the trailer to Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans came out, the same hypnotically manic performance from Cage seemed to have found its exact threshold limit – two minutes is the perfect length of time to experience Nic Cage Scene Chewery.

So watch this, and tell me the truth – is it possible that in the future, when all movies are pared down to about two minutes, this will be Nicolas Cage’s trippy art film? (View after the break) (more…)