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So, remember that DC market research survey I talked about a while ago?  Well, the results are in, and they’re over here.

Quelle surprise, DC has not significantly altered its demographic in any way, just like everyone said they weren’t going to by doing basically exactly the same thing that they’ve always done.

Moreover, no information is available about WHY PEOPLE DIDN’T PURCHASE BOOKS.  Not only THAT!  Not only did they not ask the question!  But it turns out that they didn’t even count surveys in which the respondents didn’t actually purchase a title — which means they have ZERO statistics on the people who looked at, but didn’t BUY any of their comics.

When I was in the 10th grade, I took an anthropology class and we decided to get statistics on the people who came into our classroom by accident (a pretty frequent occurrence), in the hopes of gleaning useful information about them.  Halfway through proposing the study, we realized it would be completely fucking useless if we didn’t check to see how many people DIDN’T come into our room by accident.

In the tenth grade.  Before we even started the survey.

Above all, this was plainly a survey that was not designed to find out what the problems were (because if it had been, they would have asked clear questions about the things they knew were problems), but one that was designed to affirm what DC wanted to believe:  it was commissioned as a way to PROVE THEIR SUCCESS, not to figure out their failures.  Bad science, DC; not only did you not succeed at your goals, but now you don’t even know why.

You guys.

Nielsen is just a bad market research company.