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It’s time for your apparently semi-regular “Tiny Kung-Fu Women TV” column. This time around: CW’s Nikita pilot. The short version: it was blah, then it was eh, then it was maybe.

And then by the last two minutes it gave me something worth tuning into the next episode for.

But I know what you’re all asking: How does it compare to that milestone of Tiny Kung-Fu Women TV, Alias(more…)

Quick one today, since I’ve got a deadline (wherein I masterfully stretch “Seriously, don’t do drugs at work!” into 14 pages), and I have THIS NEW DOG!

Her name is Neko (well, it will be once we train “Bjork” out of her – and yes, Braak has informed me neko means cat in Japanese but IT IS TOO LATE NOW), they say she’s a spitz but I think she’s a mashup of an American Eskimo and a coyote, and so far she’s just the best.

Anyway, let’s get to the nitty-gritty, and the bane of Braak’s existence: TINY KUNG-FU WOMEN!  (more…)