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After watching 80 excruciating minutes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I harbored the unrealistic hope that my expectations were low enough that even if Midnight Meat Train sucked out loud, I’d still find it enjoyable in comparison.

No such stinking rotten luck.

The gist: Photographer starts following a mysterious butcher linked to a number of subway murders. When photographer finds the butcher has been…uh…butchering, and dismembering late-night passengers, his investigation becomes an obsession.

(Holland here. Every October, I take the opportunity to make up for the fact that as a kid, due to concerned parenting and a lack of cable in my household, I missed the vast majority of scary movies.)

I was actually most excited this year about “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” a horror classic I would’ve caught over the last two Octobers, if everyone on Netflix hadn’t had the same idea each year. I was also most worried. I’m not a gore-fan, and that seemed to be this movie’s claim to fame – it’s legendarily gory, right?

Today, I would like to take a minute to talk to you about H. P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors and is generally acknowledged as being a bit of a genius, despite his pernicious racism, sexism, classism, and peculiar fascination with cats. His body of work is extensive, frightening, and was–certainly during his lifetime, anyway–completely unique.

His short stories (he wrote short stories almost exclusively) have occasionally been adapted to the silver screen and, with one notable exception, those adaptations have always sucked.