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Lisa: So what defines Canada is ummm….. politeness?

Holland: Is this really “slam poetry”? Isn’t it just “doughy guy says nice things about Canada”?

Tad: politeness, maple leafs, molson/labatt, and curling

Holland: And neck-beards.

Tad: Oh, and Mounties!

Mike: For the love of god…light the damn torch!

Lisa: YAY KD LANG!!!

Lisa: Oh no – not this song [Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen -ed]!!!!! Ruined forever by Watchmen.

Holland: She may yet win this song back from the Superheroes Boinking in an Airship scene.


Holland: Oh, awesome, it’s the new “Last Airbender” trailer – wait, no. No, sorry. Still Canada.

Holland: Donald Sutherland: The Greatest Living Canadian.

Carol: Not Michael J. Fox?

Lisa: Costas – “How exPERTly blah blah blah”

Lisa: Oh shit I didn’t know the Sutherlands were Canadian! I take back the Trebek comment! Please don’t sic Jack Bauer on me!!!!

Holland: They’re Canadian, but not like Shatner.

Lisa: So I’m OK then, whew. No one wants to wake up to a Sutherland in their face, but a Shatner would be WAY worse!

Tad: Avery: “Nice giant fake polar bear” (more…)