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I mean, first of all, why isn’t the main antagonist Maleficent?  Maleficent put a curse on the whole kingdom because she was pissed that they didn’t invite her to a party.  You know?  Dang.

But something else just struck me, inspired by Moff’s comment on my last post on this subject, where he said:

The whole “Jennifer Morrison is the chosen-one child, but also there’s her kid” just added a confusing, unnecessary layer for me. (If you’re gonna do a fairy-tale story, maybe MAKE THE CHILD your protagonist.)


It’s no secret, I suppose, at this point in history:  the fairy tales we know from Uncle Walt and his famous animation studio are generally Bawdlerized versions of stories collected and edited by the Brothers Grimm — perhaps history’s two most-aptly named men.  The Disney versions are stories for 20th Century kids, and are replete with happy endings and Princes (Charming or otherwise) and cute talking animals.  The Grimm versions are stories for 19th Century kids, and are thus meant to just scare the crap out of the little buggers so they’ll behave and keep to the road.