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Warren Ellis, as you may know, recently released a book of his essays (I guess?) on Lulu.  He and a friend of his knocked the thing together basically for no money, and now it’s for sale and people buy it.  I haven’t bought it, because I’m not really that excited by Ellis’ criticism, but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s here is this:  to any sensible person, this is a plan that obviously has no direct benefit to a person unless they are Warren Ellis.  And, for some reason, any time anyone mentions that, Warren et al talk to us like we’re a bunch of lazy crybabies.


tqp-logo-readyLadies and gents, welcome to the final of our four secret initiatives trotted out over the last couple months: Burn Down Bloody Twilight, a new novel from Jeff Holland, co-writer of Threat Quality Press.

Burn Down Bloody Twilight is an action-adventure, a fairy-tale for adults, and a western playing in the fantasy sandbox. It’s about people destroying their home in order to save it, and confronting their own gloomy pasts in the process.

More to the point: it’s a book with a lot of swashbuckling, hard drinking, sword fighting, zombie killing, and zippy dialogue – in other words, all the things I wanted to read in a book? I put in a book.

Let’s let the back-cover blurb do the heavy lifting: