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So, some time ago, I reviewed Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novel Changes, and in it I suggested that, while pop culture references were nice, there’s something a little weird about having all of the pop culture references in an Urban Fantasy novel be:  Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or the Wizard of Oz.  In his newest book, Ghost Story, Butcher — with a change so dramatic that it actually felt like he was personally addressing me in particular — there is a different pop culture reference in almost every chapter, and they come from all over.

A lot of Star Wars, still, but also X-Men, Pirates of Caribbean, it’s all over now.


Sure there are real things happening in the world, things that actually kinda matter. Economic meltdowns, assorted crises, whatever fat white Republicans Susan Boyleare calling “racist” without a trace of irony. But nevermind that now.

Because we’ve got the only news that really matters: Entertainment Weekly.

Chris and I try our best to keep posts somewhat outside of time, so you can read archives and not ask things like, “What the hell is a Sanjaya?” But sometimes, you just have to deal with it.