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(I know I said this was only theater reviews now, but whatever, I need to do something with my life guys, I need to feel like it has meaning.)

I want to write briefly about this “Yale Psychologist Says Pizzagate Gunman Has Too Much Empathy” and I need a little more room than a Twitter MANTHREAD so I guess it’s going to be here, at Medium, the Place for Long Tweets.

It’s hard to put my finger on what exactly I find so reproachable about this guy, Yale psychologist Paul Bloom, so I am just going to go through his interview and see if I can work it out.

(This interview was probably highly-edited, so if the problems that I’m having come from the fact that Paul Bloom was edited to incoherence, then I’m sorry Paul Bloom! But I don’t think that’s the problem.)

Let’s start at the beginning:


I saw this on the internet and wanted to respond to it. I’m actually at the very beginning of the millennial generation, I think, or the very tail end of Generation X – the lines are fuzzy, but I was born in 1981, which is roughly where the line is drawn. For whatever reason, I find myself more instinctively protective of the younger generation than I am sympathetic to the older one. Partly this is because I have a younger brother, who is most certainly a millennial; partly because I just hate the Olds, I expect.

So, I want to politely offer up a quick “Fuck You” to Brooke Donatone, author of the Slate article “Why Millennials Can’t Grow Up,” just up here at the top, and I’ve got a little bit more later on about just why I think Brooke Donatone should have her license to practice psychotherapy revoked. (I assume you need a license for it? Or can anyone with an opinion and a finally-honed sense of judgment just hang out a shingle? Is “psychotherapist” an actual job, or just some sort of a weird cult?)