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Push 2Let me be clear: the post-superhero action sci-fi movie Push is not good. At all. But it was, in its way, educational. As the saying goes, you can learn more from a bad movie than a good one (okay, might not be a saying, but start saying it in conversations about movies and see if it sticks).

Though this is a bad movie, it does have a couple things going for it. First, it gives me hope that if Dakota Fanning can make her way through her teenage years without getting fucked up, she might become one hell of a good actress one day. Follow Jodie Foster, Dakota – not, well…everyone else.

Second, it reminded me to recommend director Paul McGuigan’s cool period crime movie Gangster No. 1, with Paul Bettany literally doing his best Malcolm MacDowell impression.

Anyway, my reason for renting Push, despite it feeling an awful lot like last year’s awful  Jumper – good director, superpowered ne’er-do-well, ominous black guy chasing him, and even the same dead-of-winter release date/dump – was simple: I wanted to see if the post-superhero genre had any legs outside of comics.