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Rain Boots

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Threat Quality
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I like the idea that, in England, rain boots are called “Wellingtons”, after the Duke of Wellington. 

This pleases me, because it makes me feel like that, in a nation so dense with history, by the time the Duke of Wellington got around to saving everyone from being conquered by Napoleon, essentially every conceivable aspect of British life was already named after someone.

“Well, your Grace, good job on that Waterloo business.  We’ve had to invent a new dish to name after you — it’s a kind of steak that’s been smeared with goose liver and then baked in to a pie (?), we think it might be very good.  And we’ve got…let’s see.  Rubber rain boots, the pull-chain toilet, and that black stuff that we use to pave the roads, if you’d like something named after you.”

“That’s it?”

“Sorry, all that’s left.”

“I guess the boots one, then.”