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Comics! You can buy them online now.

Now that I’ve finally gotten my Nook operating the way it needs to (which is to say, not how Barnes & Noble wants me to), I’ve had full access to the Comixology site, which means I’ve been able to really use it to its full potential.

By this, I mean, I have actually spent money on a Rob Liefeld comic out of morbid curiosity.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown more and more fascinated by the guy. He exists in this strange bubble, wherein his art has remained at exactly the same skill level despite 25 years as a working artist.

Seriously. This is art from New Mutants in 1990:

Last year he was hired to do art chores on the rebooted Hawk & Dove title. Here is that:  (more…)

The slow morphing of the comic book industry back to the early-to-mid-90’s became most evident when DC’s fresh new directions started featuring a lot of shoulder-pads, Brett Booth and Scott Lobdell.

But for my money (or rather, the lack of money I spend on comics these days), there is no greater sign that the Big Two would like to return (through science or magic) to the last time comics turned a profit than when I realized there are currently about 15 goddamn X-Men books on the stands.

And yes, four of them have the word “Wolverine” in the title. And another one of them stars a teenage girl Wolverine, so really I guess we could say 5.

Do you know how many comics that is? By comparison, when I was a teenager – at the height of X-men popularity and the speculator boom – I thought, “Wow, there’s 6 regular X-books and a bunch of miniseries…hope they don’t flood the market or anything.” That was when a new X-Men book sold A MILLION COPIES. As opposed to the 20,000 that’s considered a success these days.

(This is because of rap music and the internet and video games and those damn jeggings, I guess.)  (more…)

What is DC Comics up to these days?  Perhaps this helpful screencap from the DC Comics TV show will clear things up.

I am starting to wonder if DC’s announcements aren’t following some play on the timeline of DC Comics itself:

Day 1: Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Flash…lot of old-timers.

Day 2: Batman. (Technically he came first, but you get the drift.)

Day 3: All the characters who went dark and Vertigo in the 80s.

And now, Day 4:

Pouches! Jackets! Milestone! Brett Booth! “SUPERSTAR ARTIST” ROB LIEFELD.

Day 4 appears to be 90’s day.

So by that logic…OH MY GOD.

Tomorrow is Grant Morrison, using up the rest of his Superman 2000 pitch ideas!