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If you’d have said to me this morning, “Hey, did you hear? They’re making Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots: The Movie! And Hugh Jackman is in it! And the plot’s going to borrow heavily from the Sylvester Stallone road-tripping-arm-wrestler classic Over the Top!”

Then I would have said to you, “You put a little dropper of LSD in your Golden Grahams again, didn’t you, imaginary reader?”

And then I see this:

“The heart of the story is this father and son relationship and in comes this junkyard robot called Atom that the kid’s in love with,” Jackman says. “I abandoned the kid pretty much at birth. But we come together because the boy’s mother has died. We have a lot of distance to make up. It’s through this mutual interest in robot boxing that they find a way to come together and form a bond.”

So, yes. Over The Top: The Robot Years.

The world was just a little bit simpler for me this morning.