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Damn, Roger Ebert. I love the guy, I find his reviews to be across the board the most well-written and considerate in film criticism. And that he’s actually a more prolific writer than ever following the loss of his voice (and jaw) is really impressive.

And yet, every time he opens his mouth (so to speak) in any fashion regarding comic books or video games, I have to remember that he is an old, old man, and he will not consider things like “comics” or “video games” or “Things that were invented after the 1970s” as ever being art.

Now…I’ve sat through an awful lot of pointless, clunky, poorly told stories (and awkwardly animated cutscenes) when playing a video game. And I have read a metric fuck-ton of bad comics. So I understand there are some poor examples of the form in easy view.

But I have also watched VOLUMES of truly terrible movies. And yet?