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Good question.

Here’s an article about how Amazon just bought BookSurge, an actual honest-to-god press.  Now, I’ll admit that I thought that Amazon already HAD it’s own press, and that was what they were doing Createspace with, but it turns out no — they were doing all of their printing with a third party.

[EDIT:  Duh, this article is a reprint from 2008.  On the one hand, I am an idiot for not checking more closely; on the other hand, who fucking reprints the news?  It’s not exactly “new” anymore then, is it?  Anyway, basically everything I say after this remains true, despite all that.]

So.  Hm.


Numbers Crunching

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Braak
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There was a blog post over at Kung Fu Monkey about self-publishing that’s gotten me thinking about some stuff, and so I’m going to consider it “out loud” as it were, here, in front of all of you, so that my mistakes can be subject to your scrutiny and you can feel better about yourselves for my failures.