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At what point did Sherlock Holmes become an arrested adolescent?

If there’s one commonality among the three modern Sherlock Holmes adaptations – Fox’s “House,” BBC’s “Sherlock,” and the Guy Ritchie movie(s) – it’s the characterization of Holmes as basically refusing of adult relationships and bonds, and a pettiness when his primary companion, Watson, has the audacity to seek out such relationships himself.

In each scenario, the relationship is of Holmes as a kid who’s best buddy just discovered girls and didn’t have time to play detective anymore. But when did this subtext creep into the Holmes stories, and what does it say about how we view Holmes as a pop-culture figure?

Watch as I don’t answer either of those questions, but at least point out…  (more…)

And now, another review:


I don’t know if/when this comes to BBC America, but I’m hoping it’s soon, because I’d like people to watch it without using illegal means. Because…well. It’s pretty great. Great, with some reservations (that might not even be reservations, really – just observations).

This is the modern-day Sherlock Holmes series, starring Martin Freeman (Tim from the BBC “The Office” and Arthur from the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” movie) as Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch (a name I can’t stop laughing at, sorry) as Holmes.