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Huh. So after all the trouble I go to to fix Spider-Man 4, Sony goes ahead and pulls the plug on it.

Hell, even John Malkovich was up for it! Thanks a LOT, Sony!

Actually, no, wait. Thanks. Really.

Because here’s the thing: I never really liked the Spider-Man movies.

What’s that? Comics geek didn’t like Spidey? FIE! FIE ON THIS HOUSE OF QUALITY THREATS!

Calm down, nameless reader, I will explain:


Okay. So, Spider-Man 4 has hit a production snag. This seems to be because Sam Raimi would really, REALLY like his movie to feature the Vulture – an octogenarian in a bright green bird suit. The studio, meanwhile, would prefer a love-triangle element featuring the Black Cat (a busty woman in a skintight black costume).

In Raimi’s defense, the last time the studio pushed Raimi to include a character he wasn’t interested in, we got Venom, who was at least partially responsible for the big old clusterfuck that was Spider-Man 3.

In the studio’s defense, the character he DID want to use was Sandman, who was a neat pile of special effects with a tenuous connection to rest of the movie. And this time he would rather choose a pretty uninteresting character (old man in bird suit) over what would at the very least be a pretty reliable Spidey-Mary Jane-Black Cate love triangle, and also hey look, hot woman in skintight black leather.

But in the end they’re both very, VERY wrong. Here’s something I wrote back in June ’08. It is the plot of Spider-Man 4 that EVERYONE AGREES would be better than whatever it is Raimi and Sony want to do: