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There’s really no colon there, huh?  So it’s not like, “Into Darkness is a Story of Star Trek,” it’s like, “darkness is where my trek through the stars is taking me.”  Okay, man, sure.

I just watched this movie, and it made me think of this article I read about how snack companies hired a bunch of snack food engineers to manufacture the perfect snack, one that provided maximum oral stimulation and minimal nutritional satisfaction so that people would constantly munch on it without thinking, and how the perfect expression of that snack food was Cheetos.

That’s what this movie, this movie is Cheetos.


It only recently occurred to me that virtually every post I’ve made of late has been focused on comics and/or superheroes. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is, shit man, that’s just what I like. I’m pretty knowledgeable on the subject and those tend to be evergreen posts. That Iron Man primer I wrote a couple years Lost-season1back? Always one of our top searches of the week. And for some reason people are always looking up Ghost Rider. Don’t ask me.

That said, once I realized just how singularly focused my posts had become, I started trying to remember what the hell else I like to write about. The answers, obviously – because I am a man of simple joys – are movies and TV (I am abysmal when it comes to talking about music, unfortunately, usually just variations on “This makes my ears feel happy!!!”).

TV, especially. You may not know this, but before we started up Threat Quality, I was pretty prolific at my old site, I Speak TV. Go check it out, it’s kind of fun to remember that once upon a time, people gave a shit about Heroes.

Anyway, a combination of frustration over the truly shitty Blogger controls, a new job where I was actually writing for a living, and coming up with topics for this site ultimately mothballed ISTV back in ’09, and as sites like Hitfix and AV Club started devoting more time to daily TV discussion, I didn’t think there was a lot more I could add anyway.

So I no longer Speak TV with regularity, except when pilots roll around, or Aaron Sorkin does something dumb, or superheroes make their unfortunate way to television. Still miss you, The Cape, you silly old thing.

Or when Lost did anything.  (more…)

Geek Pride Day

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Braak
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Is THIS a geek? No, it is Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters.

This is a thing on the internet that people are talking about, and I admit that I kind of don’t really understand it, so I am appealing to you — NERDS — for help.  What the shit is Geek Pride?

Like, people act like it’s a thing like, “I am proud to be a Geek.”  What does that even mean?


There is talk about Star Trek 2, these days, and lots of excitement of about these guys who wrote the new Star Trek movie:  Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

I have, finally, gotten around to seeing the new Star Trek movie.  I like being able to talk about it at a remove from its premiere, so that I don’t have to fight with rabid fans or hateful enemies, or anything, I can just say my bit and be done.  So, here is my bit:  that movie didn’t make any fucking sense.


Oh-ho, Star Trek! Well done!star trek 1

There, that’s my review.

Fiiiiine, I’ll say a little more. This is where we’re gonna get more complimentary AND critical, all the while being remarkably vague because people should have to seek out spoilers.