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I may not agree with the internet’s current collective conclusion that Man of Steel will be terrible for some reason (apparently “At one point Clark Kent has a beard” is just too “out-there”?). But I can see why people would be at least very guarded in their enthusiasm.

Because let’s face it, this is still Warner Bros., the company that heard Brian Singer pitch a sequel to a 30-year-old movie where Superman doesn’t really do anything other than lift heavy things, Superman Flyby1bail on Lex Luthor’s court date letting him to go free, and stalk the ex-girlfriend he left pregnant five years ago. They heard that pitch and said, “Of COURSE that is the movie we should be making.”

And then there’s the news that the announced Justice League movie is going back to the drawing board, for the silly little reason that no director will sign onto it because the script is some kind of abomination.

(I don’t even know how that could be – I mean, we TOLD them how to make a perfectly good Justice League movie. It’s like they didn’t even listen!)

Also not helping: the possible Kickstarter-funded documentary reminding everyone of every ridiculous, wrong-headed idea for Tim Burton’s Superman Lives project that flamed out just before America could get a load of Nicolas Cage in a rubber electro-suit and laugh along with Braniac’s sassy gay robot sidekick.

So look, I get it. The odds of a Really Good Superman movie are, at this point, not terribly great. But even if it’s not a great movie – if it does not even surpass Superman Returns somehow – it is still not the biggest misfire we could get.

For that, we can look to J.J. Abrams’ script for Superman: Flyby.   (more…)

Since friend of Threat Quality Matt Burns was dear enough to provide me with a Playstation 3, I’ve been catching up on all sorts of things, like making use of Netflix streaming in a way that makes more sense than plugging a laptop into a TV, realizing I can copy videos to its hard drive via a flashdrive, and yes, playing video games that all my friends are done with and see fit to lend me.

Which means I finally got around to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, a game that is completely inessential and yet designed exactly for me in mind.

And by me, I mean the personal-continuity-obsessive who would also like there to be enough cheat codes that I don’t have to struggle.

I quite liked the first SW:TFU, especially since I played it on the Wii, which at the time was doing its best to provide games where you use the controls as a virtual sword (see also: Red Steel II), and so could wave the wand around and make the lightsaber noises with my mouth even though the sound effects were perfectly audible. And the cheat codes were readily available, which meant I could play the first time through with massive force powers and any costume I pleased.  (more…)

A Case for Ewoks

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Braak, crotchety ranting
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This time of year always gets me thinking of Star Wars, and I have no god-damn idea why.  Probably because of how many people talk about the Star Wars Christmas Special and how bad it is, but who knows?  Anyway, if you haven’t seen this 70-minute critique of The Phantom Menace, you should.  Maybe this is also what has me thinking about it.  I think an extensive criticism of this nature is valid because it’s rare that history has given us a literally complete reversal in a film-maker’s work.  Not only was The Phantom Menace a pretty lousy movie, but it’s as though it was antithetically lousy to Star Wars–as though George Lucas said, “Here’s all the things that made Star Wars great.  Let’s see if I can make a great movie by doing the opposite of every single one of them.”  This is a good learning experience.

But, I digress.  Today, I’m here to talk to you about Ewoks.  Ewoks get a lot of shit among Star Wars fans, and there’s a suggestion that they are the worst part of the Star Wars series, that they ruined Return of the Jedi, blah blah blah.  I am going to attempt to make a case for them.