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Ugh.  I don’t even really want to talk about this, because what is there to say?  There was no reason to think that, after the fairly disastrous Suicide Squad #1, that #2 would be an improvement.  But, due to my superior intellect, I am a naturally curious person  and sometimes that curiosity compels me to pick it up.

When last we left our intrepid Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller had thrown them out of a helicopter at a stadium full of cyborg zombies (we didn’t know it was full of those at the time, but now we do know that: cyborg zombies).


I wish I was the kind of decent human being who could just let sleeping piles of weevil-infested rat crap lie, but I am not that person.  I am an asshole, and that is why I am writing about Suicide Squad #1, written by Adam Glass and, like, fifteen artists.  (Actually, I guess just three:  Federico Dallocchio, Ransom Getty, Scott Hanna.)

This comic was extremely terrible, and it was so terrible that it’s made me unaccountably furious.  Just eyeball-popping finger-quivering furious.