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I’ve had this one in my back pocket for a while now, because I’m lazy and don’t always feel like searching Google Image for pictures of Ron Troupe. But I wanted to toss this out now before the DC Reboot comes along and suddenly we get to see what George Perez considers essential components of a good Superman comic.

Anyway, here’s the thing: Superman doesn’t need a lot of people to talk to. He’s already got PLENTY. And yet one of the worst choices writers make is to add new characters to the lineup.

Seriously. Don’t do it! As Clark Kent ALONE, he’s got Lois – his wife/colleague/confidante (ed: or whatever she’ll be post-reboot); Jimmy – his buddy; Perry – his boss; and Ma and Pa (depending on your timeline) – his parents. That’s already a pretty significant cast.

Add to that the people he interacts with regularly as Superman. That’s pretty much whoever in the Justice League is useful to a story, periodic visits to STAR Labs, plus occasional Supergirl/Superboy/Steel appearances.

Hell, even Lex should be a significant fixture (even if he’s not the main antagonist).  (more…)