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A less catchy motto, but still pretty good.

One of the more baffling ideas in “The Cape” – the one that makes everyone assume the creators have probably not read a comic ever – is that the hero of the fictional comic has a motto: “One man, one fight, one right.”Which doesn’t actually mean anything, but…hey, “The Cape,” everybody.

I sat on the couch racking my brains trying to think of other heroes who had a well-known motto, let alone a catchphrase encapsulating their views (even as obtusely as The Cape’s). But while it’s not exactly a staple of superhero comics, it’s actually more common than I’d initially thought.

Superman’s got “Fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way.” And I suppose you could make a case for Batman’s “Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot.”

The DC trinity motto is unfortunately rounded out by Wonder Woman’s battle cry… (more…)