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This movie was fine. There were a bunch of robots, and people shot beams at them. Thor hit some robots with his hammer, Hulk smashed some robots, Captain American kicked his shield around a bunch of times. The best part was James Spader’s exasperated Ultron, who just couldn’t believe how people didn’t get how great his plan is. Actually, I think as far as villains go, Ultron was probably the second best we’ve seen in a J. Whedon Joint – Holland pointed out to me that making the villain an insane robot actually makes a lot of things make a lot more sense. We’d have a hard time buying this kind of “I dunno, what about a meteor?” plan from a crazy human being, but a crazy robot, sure. Who knows WHAT those fucking things are up to.

(Who’s the first best villain? Loki? No, it’s the Mayor of Sunnydale from season 3 of Buffy. I contend that the best parts of Loki are actually Hiddleston’s nuanced, three-dimensional performance in Thor; in the Avengers, he’s interchangeable with any other dumb old megalomaniac.)

Obviously, though, I am here to talk about politics.


British Superheroes

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Braak
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While searching for a bowler hat (to complement the unbreakable COMBAT UMBRELLA that I am totally getting), I decided that there should be a British superhero called the Civil Servant.  He would be like the Question (i.e., without a face), only he’d have a bowler hat and a pinstripe suit, and would fight with AN INVINCIBLE COMBAT UMBRELLA.  He probably wouldn’t speak, though, he’d be a secondary team member.  Like Snake Eyes, if Snake Eyes were also from a Magritte painting.

I figured he’d be part of a super-team called the Ministry of Justice, but then I discovered that the UK already has a Ministry of Justice.

Which, on the one hand, is cool.  But, on the other hand, kind of creepy, actually.


Posted: July 9, 2010 in Braak, comic books
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Am just throwing this together now; it’s part of a broader piece I’m going to try and write about superheroes.  I just want to have some notes together, here.