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As a concept, Lady Gaga is like something out of a William Gibson novel. A story-idea you might spot in a near-future sci-fi novel or movie that, if it were just a little more down-to-earth, you could totally see existing in the real world. Like, if you cartoonized Madonna, added a little more caffeine and Technicolor, and made the music just a little more generically infectious, you’d have something close to a fictional concept like Lady Gaga.

Even the name is so ridiculous and outsized. It’s something that could only be concocted by a writer unconcerned with verisimilitude. It is a perfect combination of royalty and gibberish – a statement so on the nose that you’d never expect to find it outside of fiction.

(Does anybody remember Phantom 2040? The Peter Chung-designed update of the old pulp hero, where the electro-graphics-spewing pop-star of the future was called, simply, Vainglorious? This is the only more obvious thing I can think of.)

And yet Lady Gaga – exactly as I have described her above – exists, in our present-day pop-culture landscape.

Doesn’t the 21st century just blow your damn mind some days? (more…)