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By way of explaining what may be the only reasonable way to watch “The Cape,” let me share with you a formative Holland-moment from my youth: the day I took a cleat to the crotch and learned to love “The Flash.”

It was little league soccer, the autumn of 1990, when I, a feisty young fullback, attempted to defend my goal by charging full-steam at the left winger in control of the ball. It was me or him.

Which naturally meant it was me. He took a big swing at the ball, sending it slamming into my hip and bouncing out of bounds. But on the upswing, his cleat – heel first – collided with my 10-year-old Most Important Bits. It was…unpleasant.

I lay there on the field, howling (as manfully as a 10-year-old can, I imagine) in pain, when my dad/coach came over to check on me. “How you doing?” he asked, apparently not having heard my manful cries. “You wanna…uh…sit out for a few minutes?”  (more…)

The Many Villains of The Cape

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Braak
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I don’t think I’m ever going to stop talking about The Cape.  I don’t know if this should make NBC optimistic for the show’s future — I also don’t think I’m going to buy anything advertised on The Cape — but there it is.

Anyway.  NBC is soliciting fan’s to send in ideas for villains for this show.  Heheheheh.


With its third episode, The Cape has pretty well established the kind of show it is going to be, so grousing about its relative quality seems to be a waste of time. It is going to be at times silly, at times corny, usually a bit stupid, and most of the time not exactly sensical.

But the sense of whimsy and “Let’s just have a good time, huh folks?” sincerity is hard to ignore.

And occasionally – occasionally – there will be moments where you think, “Wow, they actually did some nice writing there.”  (more…)

Were you having fun spotting all the different parts of the pilot that were cribbed from other TV shows and movies? Comics Should Be Good’s Greg Hatcher was.

I wanted to draw attention to this bit, though, since it really does seem to be the central flaw in “The Cape”:

Homage is something creators do when they’ve already established their own thing, and it’s an earned privilege. When The Middleman did a version of the Star Trek Mirror Universe, yeah, that was homage. When Hustle did a Bollywood musical number in one episode, that was homage. Human Target is clearly working the same turf as the action shows of the 1970s and 1980s and the creators have said up front that this is their intention, so when they cast Lee Majors as “the first Christopher Chance,” that’s a nice little homage. All those folks clearly established their own bona fides before slyly referencing things that came before, and those homage references were asides. They weren’t the load-bearing pillars of the entire enterprise.

It also reminds me, you guys all saw The Middleman, right? Because you really should if you haven’t.

The Cape…Ohhhh, The Cape

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Braak
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The Cape is a new show on NBC.  It is about a policeman who is framed for murder by the head of OCP and then is given a super-powered cape by the head of a traveling circus of crime and, because he learned a special kind of cape-fu while he was in the special forces, decides to emulate the main character in his son’s favorite comic book by fighting OCP and (presumably) other evils.

This show is completely insane.