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I think I keep watching “The Event” is to see just how much more convoluted it can get, before the actors break down, look directly into the camera and shrug apologetically.

It’s running on two tracks right now: Ridiculous Chase Plot, and Ridiculous Vague Alien Plot, both equally overcomplicated, and both kind of hilarious as a result.

And just as a little perk, the only thing really tying these plots together are characters who are such TV Parents – who only say and do things the most hackneyed TV dramedy parents would say  – that every time they show up I start to lose it.

Track 1: Jason Ritter: FUGITIVE! (more…)

The flashback structure of Lost had its problems, chief among them that sometimes there wouldn’t seem to be much point (coughKATEcough). But at its core, it was a clever way of illustrating some personality defect or long-simmering anxiety within the character.

The flashback structure on The Event has a different problem – it seems to mirror the storytelling capability of That Guy Who Can’t Quite Remember How A Joke Goes.

While watching the second episode, I was constantly reminded of the Dr. McNinja story (that comes after one that laid down a lot of groundwork that didn’t make much impression on its own), and is appropriately titled, “I Told You That Story So I Could Tell You This One.”

Show: OK, so yeah, so the guy piloting the suicide plane, Jason Ritter’s trying to stop him –
Audience: Wait, why’s that?
Show: OH! Oh right, uhhh [FLASHBACK: A WEEK AGO] It’s his girlfriend’s dad.  (more…)

I enjoy the fall pilot season as much as anyone, but I wish these shows would realize: we’ve got other shit we’re already watching. Meaning, the fight for my attention span and DVR space is already pretty high (particularly on the down and dirty streetfight nights of Monday and Thursday).

They can’t just bring their A-games. They need to bring their exclamation point, dollar sign, and asterix games (we’re going alphabetically, but numbers and symbols first, right? This is why “24” always did so well.).

Fortunately, I can save myself a lot of time this year, since the lines are broken into TV You’ve Already Seen (three lawyer shows and at least three cop shows this year), TV You Know Is Gonna Be Good (was anyone thinking Boardwalk Empire would be a stinker? Then you are a cynic!), and TV That’s Juuuust Different Enough to Warrant a Look (the surprisingly pleasant Nikita and Terriers, and this week’s The Event and Undercovers).

So: Three quick looks, starting with…

Hawaii 5-0:

I wanted to like this, mostly because I like Daniel Dae Kim and wanted him to have a role where he can just smile pleasantly and slap people on the back for a change. And hey, Hawaii. Watched a show that filmed there for six years, and it always looked really nice. Even the cork that kept the soul of the world in (or whatever was going on there).  (more…)