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I waited until I’d finished watching the first season of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” through Netflix streaming – no easy feat, as my girlfriend issued a rare “Do not watch without me” proclamation and she works nights a lot – before taking in The Last Airbender.

7% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. King of the “Worst of 2010” critic lists. But…I had to know.

Partly because my 5-year-old nephew and his dad are unabashed fans, and I figured I’d take the bullet for them. If it was in any way watchable, hey, maybe they wouldn’t mind it.

So it’ll surprise no one that this is an utterly unwatchable film.

(I would have proclaimed it the MOST unwatchable film of 2010, except I also saw Jonah Hex and that one hits virtuoso levels of “I do not understand what is happening, this has been filmed so that I can barely see or hear what is going on, the lead actors appear to have been making thorazine martinis before filming commenced, and above all else, I am incredibly bored.”)

What bugs me: I can’t completely lay this one at the feet of M. Night Shyamalan. (more…)

No, I’m not going to go see it. And yes, I’m as disappointed as anyone that two of the movies I was kind of looking forward to – along with Jonah Hex – have received not just bad reviews, but the worst reviews I have ever seen.

I’m a little more bummed about The Last Airbender, though, because the reviews echo everything I was worried about – the acting is horrible, the dialogue is perfunctory, and – most damning to me – it’s just not much fun.

This was about the time that I started to wonder if maybe I was giving the Nickelodeon series too much credit. Was it really as fun, as joyous, as funny as I recalled? Maybe not.

So I watched the first two episodes on Netflix Instant Viewer again, and one thing in particular struck me:

In the first minute of the series alone, there are like five really funny moments.

And then Aang rides a penguin. The penguin does not particularly seem to care about this one way or the other, but Aang could NOT BE HAPPIER.

Moments of joy are what make the moments of danger mean something.

It’s a damn shame nobody seemed to remember this during filming.

I am what you would call a summer movie buff.

I like the big, goofy, enthusiastic spectacle – often at the detriment of story logic or coherent editing, I’ll admit – that summer movies do well. And hey, sometimes you get a real gem in the mix. Think back to…what, 2003? Did you honestly think you’d enjoy “Disney Johnny Depp Pirate Monster Movie” as much as you actually did?

So when I see things like Jonah Hex’s dynamite gun, or Nicolas Cage: Sorcerer Supreme…I get a little bit giddy, in all the stupidest ways.

But then again, I got a little jazzed when I saw Ray Park as Snake Eyes, and we all remember how that turned out.

And with movies costing like $11 a pop now, we must choose wisely. Here’s the short list of what I’ll likely see:  (more…)