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The Losers probably shouldn’t exist, at all. Which may be why I liked it so much.

When it got greenlit, some producer probably thought, “Oh man! We can make an ‘A-Team‘ movie, with traces of ‘Burn Notice‘ DNA, and we don’t have to pay any licensing fees!” And then the A-Team movie actually happened, and everyone involved with The Losers probably thought, “Aww, damn it!”

Make no mistake: The Losers is “The A-Team,” blended with “Burn Notice,” with a smidgeon of comic book goofiness. If that sounds completely awful to you, that’s okay. Read no further (I’m kidding, keep reading).

If that sounds like something you could spend 90 minutes with, then my friend, have I got a movie for you.  (more…)

I know, I know, we’re all tapping our feet impatiently and waiting for the summer movie season so we can go see Iron Man 2 and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

But there’s a whole MONTH until the summer movie season starts (getting a thorough jump on the season itself – because TONY STARK DOES NOT LOLLYGAG!). So…what’s to be done?

Well, I suppose we can watch in awe as the A-Team as a concept eats its own tail.

Presenting: The Losers vs. The A-Team.

Which…boy, you can’t plan titles like that. (more…)