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TQP LOGO readyTwo today, because Holland tricked me by posting yesterday.  I have a hard time knowing what day it is, and it’s not helpful when Holland CHANGES THE SCHEDULE WITHOUT WARNING.  Sweet zombie Jesus, is it Wednesday?  Tuesday?  I don’t god-damn know.

Anyway, here’s a thing I wrote about The Producers, over at my new theater-project blog.  It counts as a TQP post, too, I have decided.

I saw a local theater’s production of Mel Brooks’ musical The Producersa few weeks ago.  Entirely by coincidence, I happened to be there during the talk-back session.  Now, I’ve participated in talk-back sessions before, so I should have known better than to ask serious questions; most of the time, a talk-back is just another opportunity for the actors to blush beneath the gushing weight of the audience’s praise.  It’s not unreasonable; when are you going to see most of these people again?  If you want them to say something nice about you, you need to seize the opportunity.

It would appear that it is Musicals Week on TQP, for I return after seeing Walnut SThe Producerst. Theatre’s production of “The Producers”!

My feelings on musicals: I like ‘em light. I like the ones that barely have a plot to hang the songs on (“South Pacific” comes to mind); I like the more modern ones like Sondheim or “City of Angels” (actually, it might be my interest in Old Hollywood and detective novels that win that one) that have a more biting wit and elaborate song structures…whatever, I just prefer them have some sense of humor.

To me, the songs make sense when you think of them as internal monologues to melody, and that’s an easier pill to swallow if the observations come from comical insecurities being vocalized. The moment a musical starts taking itself too seriously (and here we’re in Andrew Lloyd Webber territory), a kind of disconnect grows in me.