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(cross-posted at my workblog for Iron Age Theatre’s SOE division)

Just saw REV Theater Company’s The Witch of Edmonton over the weekend; I’m not going to say much about the quality of the production, as the play isn’t running anymore, so who cares?  It wasn’t the best design, direction, or acting that I’ve ever seen, but I doubt that, even if it were, such elements could have salvaged the play itself.

The dramaturg for this play left extensive notes in the program, gently beginning the process of interpretation.  She (?  I actually can’t remember the person’s name, and have lost the program, so we’ll have to rely on my memory here) says that during the combined reign of the Tudors and the Stuarts, more than 2500 plays were written and produced.  She does not address this question:  how many of them are actually worth doing?