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My mom wanted to talk about Tiger Woods with me.

So you understand my mom a little better, you should know I have the same conversation – the exact, word-for-word same conversation – with her every year at the same time: “No, I haven’t been following ‘American Idol.’ I don’t watch it. I don’t know who wins, because they unvaryingly make music that isn’t up my alley.” EVERY. DAMN. YEAR.

So when my mom asked me what I thought about the Tiger Woods story, I simply asked if he was still golfing, and when this was confirmed, explained that that was enough information for me.

The reason I am not at all outraged – in fact, if there’s any emotion, I suppose it would be “basic, non-committal sympathy” – that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife is that I don’t ever recall Tiger Woods being a huge, outspoken proponent of monogamy. I understand that in theory he would be, hence the getting married, but I’ve never seen a PSA, or heard a speech, or seen Tiger AND HIS WIFE on a box of cereal.

A scandal must have some kind of ironic twist for it to be interesting. Is that too much to ask?