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(This is one of the…odder…stories I’ve ever written, the result of an old memory of a house in rowhome gifsouth Philly that really just Should Not Be There, and way too much conversation about temporal anomalies. But hell, let’s see how she flies, right? -JH)

What is there to say about the multi-temporal rowhome? Is it all in the name, then? Well…what’s in a name?

It exists – as far as we know – both in 2007 and 2152. “As far as we know,” because nobody’s ever accounted for it in other dimensions or realities – and we like to cover our bases. But in our dimension, it is notable for appearing only slightly out of place in each of its homes. Its design only a smidge out of sync with its neighboring houses.

time-travelGreat. Now I’m terrified of time travel again.

Last night’s episode of “Lost,” coupled with the realization that even though people seem to like science fiction movies, they will not support science fiction television in general (“Lost” snuck past by marketing itself as a survival/mystery plot), got me thinking. About time travel.

Never a good sign.