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It has been nearly TWO YEARS since I first published the Hierarchy of Monsters, and in the subsequent time no one has published any modified hierarchy that is more accurate, complete, or awesome.  This means that, by default, I am the internet’s leading Monsterologist.  Suck it up, kids, you lost this round.

In my role as the Internet’s the World’s the Universe’s leading Monsterologist, I have come to discuss something that I’ve been thinking of as the monster Eigen League.


After this io9 article about a woman that sold two souls for nearly $2000, I made a fairly lengthy comment about what, precisely, you might do with the captured spiritual essences of your two dead neighbors.  A few people were surprised that I had that much to say on the subject!  Peculiar, I think.  But, anyway, it got me thinking, and because I’m up late and sick with fever, I’ve decided to treat you all to a discourse on the nature of souls.

I thought all of this was common knowledge, but maybe it’s not, so here we go.