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What’s the best sound you can think of?

I was listening to an interview on Philly’s WXPN with Brad Roberts. You’d recognize his voice immediately, even if he wasn’t singing – Roberts is the frontman for Crash Test Dummies* (whose first three albums are actually all-time favorites of mine, and even though I don’t necessarily like the last few, I can see why Roberts would want to play around with different genres and formats).

Anyway, he’s warm and funny and thoughtful when he talks with Dan Reed about the ways that recording and selling music has changed over the last decade or so. Specifically, he mentioned the “bugaboo” he has (god bless Canadians) with MP3s.

He’s not the first one to point out that condensing the vast sonic landscape of a real-world recording into a digital, saleable format has robbed music of its richness of sound.