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Walking Dead Carl1)      When you stop treating Carl like a stupid kid and start treating him like a child soldier, it turns out he’d make a more clear-minded and decisive leader than his dad. (Yes, he shot that dude in cold blood – but in the zombie apocalypse, when an armed boy in a cowboy hat tells you to put down your shotgun, FUCKING PUT DOWN YOUR SHOTGUN, DICKWEED.)

2)      Even when the leader of your group is bleary-eyed, sweating from every pore, waving around his gun like it’s too heavy for him, trudging along in mid-day Atlanta sunshine and DEFINITELY seeing visions of his dead wife, apparently the response is not “Hey…Rick, wanna come inside, buddy? You’re clearly suffering from a heady mix of insomnia, dehydration and post-traumatic stress disorder.” It is, “Let’s let him work through it at his own pace.”

3)      Did you know that T-Dogg truly was the best of them all?  (more…)